Coffins and Caskets

Coffins and Caskets

As with every part of the service, we understand that the selection of a coffin or casket is a personal decision.

We are able to offer a wide choice of coffins and caskets which we hope will cater to all tastes and requirements. If you have any specific requests then please discuss these with your Funeral Director.

Cremated Remains Caskets, Urns and Scatter Tubes

There are so many different options available regarding Cremated Remains storage containers.

We can supply a huge range of post-cremation options that include caskets and urns for burials, to keep in the home, to scatter and to share with others. They include a variety of bio-degradable, metal and marble urns.

We also have strong links with companies who provide jewellery made from your loved ones ashes who are Ashes into Glass and just recently Scattering Ashes who can help to arrange burials at sea and whose products include fireworks and Viking Long Boat Urns. | |