Our Vehicles

We are very proud to have been able to recently purchase two new matching fleets consisting of Norwood Classic hearses and Rosedale limousines.

All of our vehicles carry our personalised number plates ‘JAS’ and we work extremely hard to keep them smart and in pristine condition at all times.


For some families they may wish to use a smaller vehicle to follow the hearse and we can look after this for them. We have a number of Ford Mondeo Estates and a Ford Galaxy that keep the Cortege looking respectable but in a way that suits our family needs.


When making the funeral arrangements, the funeral director will always ask if there is a specific route to follow or somewhere you wish to pass as a mark of respect. We will always accommodate our families wishes. With a wealth of experience we know how to make virtually all requests a smooth part of the day.


We also have connections that enable us to hire in other types of hearse, such as different colour makes and models, the horse drawn hearse, a motorcycle hearse and even vintage lorry hearses.

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