Memorial Products

Jewellery made from ashes

Ashes into Glass are an independent company that specialise in producing unique pieces of jewellery made with glass and your loved one’s ashes.


They have a patented process which they combine with traditional techniques to transform the ashes into jewellery in their hot workshop. One spoonful of ashes is required per item ordered and they return any unused ashes to you with the finished piece.


You can request a brochure to be sent to you directly or we are happy to prepare orders on your behalf.

Alba Rose Jewellery

Alba Rose have a different style of jewellery than Ashes into Glass and a different process.


They enclose loved one’s ashes within luxurious Italian Murano Glass and then set it into the stunning cremation Jewellery. Each piece is handcrafted and can include a small inscription within the cost.

Urns for Ashes

Darren and his team, are a family run business supplying high quality urns and memorials from around the world.


Their products range from Biodegradable Urns to Modern, Metal and Garden Urns. Please take a look at his website and we can help you process the order.

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