A look at The Jonathan Alcock logo through the ages

A look at The Jonathan Alcock logo through the ages

You may have seen recently that we have introduced our new logo for Jonathan Alcock and Sons Ltd.


What you may not be aware of is that this is our first-ever official logo!

Prior to the Brook House logo, which you are probably so familiar with, we used just the text version of Jonathan Alcock and Sons, changing its colour from black to teal and then settling on gold.

The Brook House image, which has become synonymous with our Funeral Directors, was actually a drawing by one of our (incredibly talented) team members. We’ve been hesitant to modernise it, valuing its history and association with Alcocks. It was crucial to us to maintain the same welcoming, friendly, and trusting symbol that our team member had originally created.

“We are so pleased with the new official Alcocks logo, it has been a long time coming! But we think it perfectly captures the balance between a clean and fresh look whilst retaining Brook House's history and nostalgia.” Sarah Parker

The images below are some of the many variations of the original text and drawing versions of the logo we have used over the years, including the lovely blue teal text version from the original letterheaded paper.

We also created a special new logo to mark our 160th Year Anniversary in 2023. We wanted to mark this significant milestone in our history, and again, one of our talented team (Ryan) designed the special logo for us.

We value your opinion – what are your thoughts on the progression of our logo and the new present-day design?

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