Storage Of Funeral Wishes

Another service that we offer free of charge is holding in storage a file containing your funeral wishes.

Taking out a funeral plan may not be right for you, but we can still ensure that your wishes are carried out by holding your details and your requirements on file.

You need to ensure your next of kin are aware or that you have told your Executor, that you have done this so that when the time comes, they can tell us to go to your file, we can provide this invaluable information when arranging the funeral.

We have created a Bereavement Checklist and a Bereavement Booklet which we feel would help you to start making decisions about the kind of funeral that you want. Please download them from this link or telephone the office and we will happily go through these forms with you.

Please contact one of our Funeral Directors today to go through these options in further detail. Or download our Funeral Planning Checklist and Funeral Wishes Booklet below as a starting point for your funeral planning:

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