FOUR Defibrillators for the local areas!

FOUR Defibrillators for the local areas!

Jonathan Alcock & Sons and George Hill Funeral Directors are so proud to have been a part of helping to secure FOUR Defibrillators for the local areas!

A little over a year ago, our Funeral Operative and Sarah’s partner, Sean suffered a Cardiac Arrest where his heart stopped for a terrifying 15 minutes.

If it were not for the quick reaction of his fellow gym goers and the fact that a defibrillator had been installed nearby that very same day, he would not be with us. This does not bear thinking about, and we very quickly realised we wanted to do something to ensure more Defibs were available to save more lives.

Emily, Sean’s eldest daughter, pulled it off by arranging a sponsored climb of Mam Tor in July of last year. Sean (after his remarkable recovery) and lots of his family (including Sarah, Barbara and both his daughters Emily and Maya), friends and colleagues completed this challenge raising over £4,000.00!

With help and guidance from Sally from the not-for-profit charity Defibulous, as well as some matched funding from the government we have been able to maximise the sponsorship money raised, and have purchased four Mindray Defibrillators with Outdoor Weatherproof AED Boxes for 24/7 public access.

We have already located the first three Defibs; the first is outside The Drill Hall, opposite our Funeral Home in Cheadle, the second and third are at local family run gyms, HIIT Training in Denton and SOZO Gym in Stockport and we have just finalised the location for the final Defibrillator…The Blossoms Pub on the A6 in Stockport!

Thank you to everyone for your concern for Sean, Emily for arranging the climb, everyone who took part, all those who generously gave sponsorship and to Sally at Defibulous – these lifesaving machines would not be available if it wasn’t for everyone’s support and kindness. What a wonderful community we are part of!

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